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8 reasons why you need the LeMieux Thermo Cool embroidered rug in your life

No horse wardrobe is complete without a good cooler rug or two. We put the LeMieux Thermo Cool rug to the test and loved the classic look combined with modern features which made it versatile, practical and stylish.

Here are our favourite features, and eight reasons why you need this rug in your life…


1. DRYING – Use it for drying off after exercise or washing down – its excellent wicking properties help to absorb moisture and draw it away from the horse.

Use it to help cool down at competitions. The unique Carbon nano fibre inner lining with a soft close-weave mesh, covering the shoulders, back and quarters is key for maintaining muscle temperature whilst cooling down. That means it’s ideal for use between classes, so when you hop on again your horse should have regulated his temperature but his muscles should have remained pliable and stretchy ready to start work.


​​3. COMFORT – Use it if your horse is prone to rug rubs. As the owner of Thoroughbreds and ISH who often get friction rubs, this rug is a total winner. It’s silky panels over the shoulders and super soft wither pads are a brilliant design feature which won’t pull and cause hair loss and sore patches.

4. PROTECTION – Use it when travelling as a protective layer. It will help prevent rubs and bumps during transit, whilst regulating your horse’s temperature. It’ll keep him comfortable but also wick away moisture if he happens to get sweaty.

5. STYLE – Use it to look the part. A soft wool and acrylic blend outer fabric in 4 different colours it is a seriously smart rug and you WILL be asked where you got your rug from – GGGear!


​6. FIT – Use it to get the right fit. The rug comes up really true to size, and has plenty of scope for tweaking from the cross surcingles and trigger clip chest fastenings with buckle adjusters. The Thermo-Cool has fully removable belly straps.

7. COLOUR COORDINATION  Use it to get your matchy-matchy on. It comes in four different colours; Benetton blue, burgundy, navy and black. ​​ GGGear can embroider logos or names in lots of fonts and colours.


8. ADDICTION – Use it to indulge your unhealthy rug addiction. You can never have too many rugs – fact.

​Because your horse is totally worth it, find out more and get yours here:

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